Sunday, February 24, 2008

End of Vacation

Well, it's the last night of February vacation. I'm sad to see the restful time go, but at the same time, I'm excited to get back to school. I feel very refreshed. Mr. Fecke's facebook status says it all : Erik Fecke is excited to return to band. I have a new clarinet, so returning to band will be especially fun. I'm waiting anxiously for my clarient lesson to find out from Corey whether this was a good buy or not. Returning to school means returning to the crazy pace of life, the homework, and the stress of school. I didn't do much homework at all this vacation, but I think that should help me be ready to attack it anew this week. I always love going back to school after a break because everything feels exciting and new but familiar at the same time. I'll get to see my friends and hear about their vacations. It'll be good. The time over vacation always slips by so fast. But I actually did do quite a bit: work, babysitting the Mentes, Shamrock for HAWC, church, building a treadmill, reading a bunch, sleeping a bunch, finishing my science fair testing, jamming with Sloane, hanging with Grace throwing snow into the Ipswich river, exploring frolicking in the snow, and being randomly kind, spending time with my family, walking with Charlie, playing the clarient I bought this vacation. And now it's time for dinner and Toscanini's ice cream for dessert. It's all good. :))