Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Awesome Day

Well, I've had varied survivor-related issues in the past few months, some kinda bad, and I really need to get on mom about the therapist thing. But surprisingly, going to the AAMDSIF conference and Capitol Hill day has made me feel much better about the whole thing. I guess knowing that there is a place that it's completely acceptable to talk about it, and having people who know exactly what I'm talking about is really comforting. So I'm doing better with all that since then.
But all that is not what I'm here for now. I feel the need to write about what a totally awesome day I had yesterday. I let myself sleep because I wasn't going to work and I got up about 9 am. I ate and mowed the lawn. Ian sort of quit doing it because he hated the job and how low the pay was, so I offered to pick up the slack. It makes me feel really cool to push the thing around, hear the roar of the mower, smell the freshly mown grass, and feel like I'm striking a blow to the face a sexism with every step I take. Sorta dorky, I know, but I had a good time. Next I took a shower, then watched a little Monk with Ian. After that, I went to the library and got another one of my summer reading books out, a Henry Reed book (since its a summer tradition), and a novel for me to read for fun. I then proceeded to read in my treehouse for several hours. It was awesome! That is exactly what I built the treehouse for, and it was so nice to just read and be outside. I figured out a new way to climb up and down, and I ate a nice lunch out there. Then, I practiced the clarinet and read some more inside. I drove to my clarinet lesson, which went really well, and I was happy to get back to that. Corey was happy with the work I did on the Mozart, which I was really glad about. I went home and got to talk to the woman who is going to design a professional poster for the Craft Fair! That is going to be soooo awesome. Then, I got to hang around and read some more, then I went for a nice bike ride all around my usual routes, then over to the convenience store for a slushie and some Hostess cakes. Home for more reading, and at about 6, I went over to Corey's. I wasn't expecting to get to hang out, but she was free, so we did. We mostly talked about our summers and school and the education budgets and stuff. Then we baked cookies and brownies and watched HOUSE then talked some more until 2 am. Her sister had Maddie Lanois over, and I think I got her hooked on House :). Corey and I are planning a season 5 premiere party with all our friends who watch the show. I loved the novel I got to read for fun. It's funny, but that was one of the best days I've had in a long time, and probably ranks up there with my best days ever. It was so simple, but I got to do everything I wanted to do, it was relaxed and fun and I didn't worry about work or summer reading or bone marrow or vaccinations or anything. The things I did were so simple, but they made me feel so good. I'm going to have to make a plan for more days like that in the future. I feel so refreshed and just...happy. This is what enjoying the summer is all about.