Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Day in the Life

Well, I don't really want to go to bed, and I thought today about how it's been a while since I last posted here. I am still hopelessly in love with Peter, but he came to a snowball fight party I had, and having Sally to talk to about him really helps.
I was really glad for first semester to be over, and this semester is feeling a little bit better. I don;t really know why.
But since it generally ends up being mildly interesting: here's a little chronicle of my day today.

I roll out of bed at the usual time, like ten of seven, but still manage to make the bus.
A Block: Gym Mrs Hoar quotes me for the school newsletter about the "Choice Day" we have in gym on Thursdays, where we get to pick our activities. We watch a lame self-defense movie from the 80s and laugh at some of the unrealistic scenarios. Mrs. Pilkanis says a Hamilton cop will come to talk to us about self defense soon, and Henry and Peter spend the rest of the class creating questions slanted towards humiliating the cop over the first aid certification scandal. Mrs. Pilkanis tells them they have to be respectful, and I have a vague flashback to "Alright, when I say 'all ducks fly together' everyone get into a flying V and tackle him".

E Block: History We get our Midterms back, I got a 96, and see quarter and semester grades. Due to a less-than-stellar WWI test and History Fair, I have a B/B+ for quarter 2, but pull off and A- for the semester. That'll take some explaining for mom, and I'm a little upset myself. We talk about the Great Depression, and Henry and Mr. Knets rapsodize about an economist named Paul Krugman who looks kind of like George Clooney (at least to me).

F Block: Spanish We talk about the new Constitution in Bolivia. I feel like my speaking is getting better the more I practice. I did really well on my midterm, so I feel much better about that class.

D Block: Band More Bernstein. I really love the piece, but I need to put in a lot more rehearsal time to make it even passable. I'm having trouble fitting practicing in, and practicing in a focused enough way to make progress. However, I love band, and I wore my BA/ND shirt today, so its sweet.

Lunch: I eat Baked Potato Bar, which is awesome, and stare at Peter. A lot. I feel like he notices sometimes, but I don't know. It's a little bright spot in my day to see him talking excitedly with lots of other guys in our grade.

G Block: Math I got an 89.6 on my midterm, which is way more than I hoped for, and will do great things for my semester grade. We talk about rotational motion, I space a bit. Peter says hi to me on my way out of class.

H Block: Physics Charges and the math with them involve lots of REALLY annoying numbers and I struggle with the in-class problem. But I get some help for the Webassign.

Work: I don't do much, Jeni cleans shelves, we have a couple really busy clusters and Jeni cleans shelves. I am tired and eat a Three Musketeers, probably against my better judgement.

I come home and work on homework, interspersed with dinner and a long Peter-talk session with Sally. We love him. Homework is a drag, and I don't get time for too much fun stuff. If only I had done more homework earlier, but oh well. Thursdays are always like this because of my schedule. I just have to get through school tomorrow then I can relax.
So not a very interestin day really, but I felt like I just needed to write SOMETHING since I've had very little time for doing so lately.
Hopefully this semester will continue to be good, I'll stay on top of homework and make time for other things, and I'll find time to keep writing.