Sunday, February 22, 2009

One Year Later

Well, in the interest of bringing things full circle, I thought I'd write another post to match the one that started this blog. It's the last day of February vacation. This has been a good vacation, with lots of reading and sleeping, and fun. I explored with Grace again this year, and we marveled at the fact that our trip to Ipswich was a whole year ago. This year we discovered the expansive Appleton Farm trails, which were so cool. The family went to Buffs again, and the Museum of Bad Art, which was a lot of fun. Youth Group bowling turned out well, and we got a Rover meeting in. Shamrock for HAWC happened again this year. I played that same clarinet I bought a year ago, I should have had a birthday party for it.
Saturday there was an aritcle in the Globe about a new research buling going up at Dana-Farber; they're painting the Jimmy Fund Kids' names on the steel beams again. They made reference to the 1996 building on which they spray painted names too. One of those is mine. It made me smile to see how nice those people still are, sad that there are still kids there with names to be painted.
Today at church they did Mardi Gras Sunday and we had pancakes with toppings after church. The free-lance clarinetist they brought in to play with the choir on "When the Saints Go Marching In" turned out to be Corey, which was funny and it was nice to see him.
I finally started with a therapist, and I am amazed at how good it feels just to TALK. I think it's really going to help and I'm actually looking forward to it. I'm pretty excited for science fair, too, and about my history research paper on the 1918 flu pandemic. I'm not super excited for how crazy busy and homework filled my week is going to be, but the end of the week promises the potential for fun and the start of NHS.
Lately, I've been having weird moments of anxiety about Rover, but I think once we start moving towards working it will get better. We picked a name and logo: OPTIMISM PRIME, a picture of a robot. That's happy and exciting. Returning to band and school will be fun, and I'm really happy about the wheeled cart I built for walking to school. Can't wait to test it out.
Not happy about the physics lab which is confusing, or the stupid Lit reading we have to do for Spanish. I'm glad to be able to get to serve at Crombie tomorrow. Camp informed me my application is complete, I will potentially be spending TWO full weeks there this summer; that's a MAJOR happy :).
So I think there are a lot of 'happys' for me right now, and I need to keep my mind on them and avoid thinking about the 'bads' and the 'anxiouses' any more than necessary.
I'm doing fine, and I intend to continue that way. Spring will arrive soon, then summer and pretty soon I'll be a senior. Sometimes its crazy how fast time flies.
All in all, looking back on the year I've had and forward to what's coming, I can still say: It's all good.